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February 18, 2018

Checklist for Personal Values

By C. Roberts, Fifth Dicsipline Fieldbook

This exercise is designed to help you reach a better understanding of your most significant values.

Step 1: What I Value Most...
From this list of values (both work and personal), select the ten that are most important to you-as guides for how to behave, or as components of a valued way of life. Feel free to add any values of your own to this list.

AchievementFriendshipsPhysical challenge
Advancement and promotionGrowthPleasure
AdventureHaving a familyPower and authority
Affection (love and caring)Helping other peoplePrivacy
ArtsHelping societyPublic service
Challenging problemsHonestyPurity
Change and varietyIndependenceQuality of what I take part in
Close relationshipsInfluencing othersQuality relationships
CommunityInner harmonyRecognition (respect from others, status)
CompetitionIntellectual statusReputation
CooperationInvolvementResponsibility and accountability
CountryJob tranquilitySecurity
Ecological awarenessLoyaltyStability
Economic securityMarket positionStatus
EffectivenessMeaningful workSupervising others
EfficiencyMeritTime freedom
Ethical practiceMoneyTruth
Excitementbeing around people who
are open and honest
FameOrder (tranquility,
stability, conformity)
Work under pressure
Fast livingPersonal developmentWork with others
Financial gainFreedomWorking alone

Step 2: Elimination

Now that you have identified ten, imagine that you are only permitted to have five values. Which five would you give up? Cross them off.

Now imagine that you are only permitted four. Which would you give up? Cross it off.

Now cross off another, to bring our list down to three.

And another, to bring our list down to two.

Finally cross off one of your two values. Which is the one item on the lst that you care most about?